Thursday, January 17, 2013

Acme store closings:

Just announced... 
the classic Mantua Acme is closing!

This store was among the yet-to-be-named locations from the LAST round of closures. This closure is not due to Acme being sold to Cerberus. Mantua will close on March 5 but will live on here at Acme Style. (Click here to visit the original post.) You can read more about the closing at Seven more store closings remain unnamed from the list SuperValu released last September. Chances are there are more Acme's among them.

Last store in the chain with the Convenience Store decor package and the classic aisle markers from the early 80's!


  1. didn't even bother taking a picture of the store; they just reused one of Glassboro from a few months ago.

  2. My mother and I were shopping at the Manuta Acme today and we saw signs on the windows and shelves, saying that the store was closing on February 28th to "liquidation" or bad hygienic/bad health problems. The signs even mentioned that some items were 30% off (i.e. frozen food and haircare). We were both surprised at how many shelves were empty. I even made a video of what it looked like inside. Although I am sad to see this store go, I had a feeling it would, especially with the new Dollar General that was built next door to it. It was driving that Acme out of business anyway. This store will be missed.