Friday, January 13, 2012

Acme — Feasterville, PA

Location: 105 East Street Road, Feasterville-Trevose, PA

The Feasterville Acme finally makes it up on the blog. I had been here a few years ago and photographed it for a post but the pictures turned out horribly. That was a few cell phones ago, however. So I returned to this location back in December to do it justice. I was also interested in returning to this area to check out the new Giant up the street. One of two Genuardi's stores that Giant acquired back in 2010. The other location is in Warrington, PA. We all know by now that Giant has since acquired additional Genuardi's stores, instantly increasing their presence in the Philadelphia market. The Feasterville Giant can be seen in the "Bonus Store" post following this post. 

Interesting and quite attractive facade due to the building originally being a mall... not a grocery store. Acme took over this portion of the mall after vacating it's original store in the same shopping center. We'll take a look at the former location down below.

The Feasterville Acme has the original and deluxe Premium Fresh and Healthy remodel. It's the first... and only... store I've seen in person with the original remodel package. When I was here a few years ago I wasn't terribly impressed with it but have gained more appreciation for it after seeing the brown/significantly scaled down version that was more commonly put into stores. See Woodstown, and Woodbury (at the bottom of the Mantua post). I'm not sure how many locations got the original PF&H remodel. Burlington NJ is the only other store I know of for sure. The package was most definitely an expensive one with all new cases and flooring throughout. Let's step inside and check it out...  

I'll never understand the tiny ACME. This wall treatment has seen better days. See West Chester

The front end of the Acme appears to have been the entrance to the former mall. Nice large windows along the front. The store is looking completely dead in these photos but that was not the case while I was here. I do try to get as many people-free pictures as possible. From what I understand this is a very successful location, hence the extensive remodel. Giant's impact on Acme may be a bit limited due Acme's larger size. The Genuardi's building was not nearly large enough for Giant to offer it's usual array of services and selection. 

Cream colored walls throughout with the Albertson's leaf mounted to the walls. Backlit letters for the department signage. The interior here matches closely with stores that were built with the Premium Fresh and Healthy decor. 

Neutral floor tiling throughout.

Feasterville is low on clutter which is very appealing to this shopper. 

The Wild Harvest department here has much more significant presence than in most other stores. 

The very unique front-end. 

Notice the fake grass along the top of the freezer cases which was standard in the early days of this decor package.  

fresh flowers falls a little flat with it's small letters.

I don't know what decor package was here previously. There are no clues left behind. It does appear that this latest remodel involved a good amount of construction as seen here with the newly curved Pharmacy department. 

Final look across the front-end and then back outside for the aerials...

Check out that former A&P back in the corner!

The A&P was the first building on the site but is looking more like an after thought these days. 

Now a TJMaxx with plenty of A&P traits still very much intact.

The back of the Acme has been altered from what originally stood here. Some to the structure has been torn down. The grass area is where the original building extended to. You'll see evidence of this in the historic aerials. 

The original Acme over on Bustleton Pike. 

Now divided between a David's Bridal and another store which I didn't get a good look at. Started out as a Colonial Cottage model. Uncooperative sun on this day. The satellite images below show the store more clearly...

The Colonial Cottage roofline still intact although largely disguised with alterations done to the facade.

Hit the rewind button on this sign by clicking here. Acme wasn't on the main sign but you can see the  red oval logo sign back by the entrance) Thanks to Steve W. for the link!

A look through the years...



Compare the 1971 image with the the 2002 image above to see the changes made to the back of the building.

Update 1.29.12: The section that Acme tore down from the back was the Colonial Cinemas. (Thanks again to Steve W. for the information)

Looks like the A&P got a pretty good crowd back in the day!

Standing all alone, seemingly in the middle of nowhere back 1965. 

Taking a look a the original Acme in Bustleton.


Looks to be under construction in 1967.



  1. Not only is there an ex-A&P here, also notice the empty Eckerd next to it. That store used to be at another spot in the mall (it was Thrift Drug originally). The original store converted to Eckerd in 1996 or 1997, but part of the mall was redone for the later store in 1998. Unfortunately the rest of the mall was emptying out around that time, and the store never did well. In 2000 it closed with hundreds of other Eckerds in PA, and has been empty ever since except for seasonal Halloween stores.

  2. I believe this location has a permanent tenant now, at least when I drove by this center a few months ago. What exactly it became, I don't remember. (Before the Eckerd moved here it was set up in the are around where Petco is now and had outside access. But I think this store was set up only temporarily).
    The other end of this strip was once a Clover until the chain went belly up (and I think may have been a movie theater before that), then Value City, and most recently partially remodeled for a Staples.

  3. This store had the 90's Red, White, and Blue interior before the PFH remodel. You can see some pictures of it here:
    (scroll down to store #7739 and click on store images at the top to see various images of the store from around 2005)

  4. Ross, that site has some great pictures. Point pleasant, 80s decor (7811), checkerboard decor (7861), lots of other closed stores.

  5. You can see the original Acme sign in this picture on Bustleton.