Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Updates to North Jersey stores...

I am thrilled to announce a new contributor to Acme Style... Rob Ascough. A former Acme employee who had the incredible foresight way back in the 90's to travel around North Jersey and take pictures of every Acme he could find. Rob has been scanning his photos and sending them in so they could be shared here on Acme Style. I am incredibly grateful for his contribution and for the time he has taken to scan all of his pictures. Many of the stores he photographed have never made an appearance on the web. I will be sharing them in future posts over the coming weeks and months. The timing of Rob's contribution could not have been more perfect... plans were already underway to focus on North Jersey stores, past and present, over the next month or two.

To kick off Rob's collection, I have posted five pictures below of stores that have already been featured on Acme Style. Each picture was taken in the very late 90's. There is a link below each image that will take you to the original post were "Updates" have been added that include additional pictures of each store.

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  1. Awesome photos, especially the Plainfield one! Looking forward to more pictures from him.