Friday, December 11, 2009

Update to a former Acme Style Bonus Store!

The brand-new Stop and Shop in Clifton, New Jersey. The old store was torn down and replaced with an entirely new building. It had closed back in February and reopened in this November. You can take a look at the "before" pictures by clicking here.

The new sign stands on the same spot as the old one.

The back of the store which you see when come off of Route 3. This is the area where the Sam Goody once stood.

The red line is an approximation of where the new building stands.

And now for some interior shots... taken with my cell phone so the quality isn't great. For the record, Stop and Shop is not one of my favorite places. The new decor and branding they have rolled out recently doesn't make me want to shop there any more than before. I find their look to be overly generic and bland. The use of the fruit bowl logo everywhere is a little too similar to Target's bulls-eye, yet makes much less sense. I preferred the look and atmosphere of the old store which retained much of it's look from the former Grand Union.

Meals to go, Deli and Bakery line the left side of the store. Produce cases are to the left. I took a picture of that are but have some how lost it. I am standing in the health food department which is about 3 short ailes to the rear of Produce.

A drab looking front end.

The department signage is the same color scheme and look throughout the store.

The milk is along the back wall. Frozen Food cases are to the left of this picture.

Health and Beauty is in the front right-hand corner of the store along with the Pharmacy.

This is about the most exciting thing that separates Stop and Shop from it's competitors. Portable self scanners. You scan each item and put it right in the bag. Sounds like fun but still not enough of a reason to shop here.


  1. Well I miss the old Grand Union store, however the new S&S looks pretty amazing. This is the first store I've seen with the new interior graphics with their logo change. The store appears very neutral and signage understated.

  2. I agree with you wholeheartedly. I have a card for S&S when they came to my area snd have had NO desire to shop least your new Acme's A&P's and Shoprites make you want to shop there ( even your Wegman's and Whole Foods give you atmospheric reasons to visit their stores, even if not to shop there ) S&S today is just feh, another modern typical 50,000-70,000 blah-blah supermarket, and sadly an overpriced one at that. same with the newer Safeways and Giant (Landover,S&S's sister company,) I miss those old Acme's and A&P's and the OLD, CLASSIC and REAL Grand Union chain.

  3. Huh? Even Wegmans? You must be talking about a reeeeeallllly old Wegmans. Their stores have been great since 2001.

  4. Acejay , I was referring to the blandness and dullness of S&S's new stores (which is the subject of this particular post) and this store in particulsr. on Wegmans and the other stores (including ACME) , I was explaining how each of the food stores have something unique to offer (price,quality,etc), and that I do not really see in S&S, they are a rather mediocre chain IMHO and yes Anon 2 Acme Is THE name because few chains are more worthy of having a blog devoted to their great temples of grocery shopping, past and present.

  5. Stop & Shop is mediocre, yes, but whoever thought A&P's stores were better are insane (this includes Pathmark too).

    Quite frankly, the reason S&S sucks is not necessarily because of their new decore, but because of their weekly specials. Shoprite DESTROYS them in this regard.

  6. S&S is terribly expensive, Acme is the next expensive, then ShopRite and Wegmans are at basically the same prices.

    I honestly hate Acme. The one near me has always been "that dirty little store with terrible employees and terrible prices that you only go to if you're to lazy to go a minute more to Wegmans or ShopRite"

    The only thing I can praise Acme for is their Essensia Pizza and some of the other Essensia products.

    I've been to newer Acmes but they look exactly the same as Stop&Shop =/ However, Acme is not the only chain worthy of a blog. Every store has their die-hard fans, it's just that one Acme fan is a blogger.

  7. I only gave kudos to A&P concerning specials. on that they are better than S&S. Don't get me started on the abomination that is Pathmark (it once was the store with the lowest prices they kicked rears and took names, then they turned tail and never looked FORWARD. and A&P is killing them by injecting their high-price image on them like a druggie trying to get a drunk to "sober up")

  8. I definitely agree--this new S&S makes me feel like I could be shopping at any mediocre supermarket in the country (Albertsons or Genuardi's come to mind) The best part about this store is that its opening means that finding a parking spot in the Bloomfield ShopRite is actually possible (though not on a weekend) Seriously...the reason the Bloomfield ShopRite blows this S&S and the Acme down the road away is because it is owned by a family who actually lives in Bloomfield!! This, coupled with their prices, will continue to be why ShopRite kills the competition. What other massive, low-price supermarket can you walk into on a weekday morning, and be greeted by THE OWNER? I would be surprised if the Clifton Acme survives until 2011.

  9. You could be right, but this store has never been successful IMHO...and it has only gotten worse since S&S opened (with the exception of Friday nights, when the loyal local Orthodox Jewish population does most of its shopping) I'll try and get you pics this weekend of the label scars!