Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Abandoned Acme! South Plainfield, NJ

I am using satellite photos for this store since the building has already been transformed into another business. Luckily these pictures show the store prior to being completely converted. What's even more interesting is that the facade has been mostly removed exposing the interior mod-Acme tiles. The photo below is cropped tighter to show the sign. The exterior sign has already been removed...

Even more amazing... the next photo is of the actual tiles from this very store...

Wish they were mine but they're not. These pictures were sent in by an Acme Style fan who wishes to remain anonymous and Acme Style is happy to oblige such requests. When Plainfield closed in February of 2002, he contacted Acme headquarters in Malvern to see if he could get the tiles from the store. But Acme said the fate of the tiles would be decided by the new owners of the building since they provide structural support and cannot be easily removed. A produce market moved into the location but left the tiles in place covering them over with their own signage.

Our Acme fan then turned his sights on the store in Haddonfield as it was being converted to a CVS. Unfortunately, he was too late and the tiles had already met their demise.

Years later the produce market at the former Plainfield store closed our Acme Style fan set out once again to obtain the tiles. He was lucky enough to arrive just as the store was being converted to an Aldi and asked the demolition manager to save the tiles for him. He did and the tiles are forever saved from being destroyed! Now if I can only get my hands on a set... keeping my eye on that store in Clayton.

UPDATE 2.10.10: Thanks to Rob Ascough, the Plainfield post no longer relies solely on satellite photos. Check out these incredible pictures taken back in 1998...

Images above courtesy of Rob Ascough


  1. I still need to get to Clayton to get some more pictures of the Acme myself. I hope they stay open for a long time.

  2. By the way, if you click my username above my comment, I have some pictures I took of the old Berlin, NJ Acme, including the door handle which still has the fish logo on it!

  3. Yes...Acme 7934 (7134 before 2000) was a great family market. MANY of these "A" frame stores still dot the tri-state area, although they are serving as other stores and uses. Some "A" frame stores were half the size that you see here!!! Slatington,PA Acme #1843 comes to my mind. These were the stores that BUILT the Acme name. These smaller stores were in almost every small town in the PA,NJ,NJ,DE,MD,WVA area. This was "THE" main street store at one time.


  4. Passed this store last week (first time since I took the photos in the late 90's) and it's now an Aldi. Still obviously an A-frame Acme but it appears the interior was given a drop ceiling so the pitched roof is no longer obvious once inside the building.

  5. It's south Plainfield, not Plainfield. We're not the same town, by a long shot!