Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Former Acme – Edgewood, Maryland

Photo above courtesy of Will from B-More Retail on flickr

Location: 2216 Hanson Rd, Edgewood, MD
Opened October 6, 1965
Closed due to fire June 11, 1966
Reopened June 11, 1966
Final closing date unknown

Not a lot of clues remain along the front but around back the store is still all Acme....

Acme's parking lot sign is now sign-less.

Food Lion is located on the right side of the shopping center.



The parking lot was built for a larger shopping center which didn't materialize until years later.

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  1. If I am not mistaken it closed when the Baltimore Division closed, in 1989. This resulted in many veteran employees from the city bumping department heads and others from Falston down Route 40 and south to Chestertown, Centreville, and Stephensville as thirty stores closed in one day.