Friday, June 16, 2017

Acme's Jersey Shore Reusable Bag!

Acme recently began selling a new reusable bag which celebrates the chain's history along the Jersey Shore. The illustration by Katie Herkins (sp?) includes landmarks and various town names where Acmes are located. Personally, I would have loved to see a representation of an Acme store included in the mix. Regardless, the bag is really fun and it's great seeing something designed exclusively for Acme! 

A note about posting: Acme Style has not officially closed for summer break although I haven't been able to get any posts done in the last few weeks. There will be a blast of posts coming soon followed by an official break. I will add an announcement to this post to give you a firm date for the start of the blast. 


  1. wonder if the Delaware beach store has one?

  2. When my mother bought one home my father liked it so much that he wanted to frame it!

  3. Acme sold a reusable Jersey Shore bag that did not show Monmouth county.

    1. Wall Township is definitely in Monmouth County, but leaving out Manasquan is pretty egregious.