Friday, November 4, 2016

Refreshed Acme! Clayton, New Jersey

Photos courtesy of Stephen G

Location: 20 S Delsea Dr, Clayton, NJ

Premium Fresh and Health version 3.0 strikes another classic store! Not that it looks bad here but come on, why didn't they go with Quality Built? Classic photography was added around the store which isn't an element included in this décor package. While the Neighborhood Market décor was in need of a refresh, stripping ALL personality out of this store wasn't the way to go. Puzzles me why 3 classics... Manasquan, St. Michaels and Clayton, did not get the Quality Built refresh. It is what it is, and it's not bad, just could have been a whole lot cooler.


"Before" photos courtesy of John on Flickr

The drab walls were in need of some more color. 

Possibly new cases for the deli pantry. No change to the floor. The Clayton Acme is one of the very few stores with a true corner deli. Why it's not branded as such is a real shame. "market deli" is a royally lame leftover from SuperValu.

The aisle markers are definitely dramatic but they've been hung backwards. Most stores have the flat side facing into the aisle.


The "before" photos taken when the store was getting a new roof.

Another fail.... no "Lancaster Brand" signage on the wall.

The ceiling looking bright and clean now after being redone in 2011.

The Lava-lamp Acme sign thankfully still intact!

The "Thank You For Shopping" sign does look pretty cool with exterior light shining through it.

Stephen reports the only change to the exterior is new sliding doors for the entrance.

Thanks to Stephen for getting a look at the refreshed Clayton store!


  1. PF&H actually goes nicely here (I'm not saying better than Quality Built would, but this certainly is an upgrade from the old look). It seems more fitting for a smaller store.

  2. I completely agree. I would've liked the corner deli sign and the landcaster branding and the markers facing the right way, but overall I am totally impressed. the pictures add a nice personal touch to the PF&H. and I especially love the thanks for shopping sign.

  3. I think the colors for PF&H do work with the old style store. Just needs a little bit of flair with the signage. As they are kind of retro.

  4. I've been waiting for an update on this store. Looks nice!

  5. I think PF&H looks nice in this store. Quality Built might be a bit over the top for this store, given its small size.

  6. I'm guessing they had a surplus of these signs when SuperValu left and they're trying to use all of them.

  7. It is amazing that this store is still around considering the stores they closed in the area. of course being the only show in town and having cheap rent helps