Friday, November 16, 2012

Store count...

The following stores have now closed:
Sharon Hill
Stevensville (click here to see a picture of the sign coming down)

Several emails have come in asking if I was going to visit the recently closed stores to take more pictures. Unfortunately I will not be able to. Three of them are too far away from where I live to visit again and one I never made it to in the first place. Each store has been adequately covered on the blog so I can't justify the cost and time needed to revisit these locations... as much as I love an abandoned Acme! Sharon Hill would be a great place to see again after it's emptied out. Full shots of a classic store's interior are always fascinating. If anyone lives near these stores and would like to take pictures I would be happy to post them.


  1. Hey AcmeStyle, did you happen to see this article about Genuardi's? They plan to keep ONE store open indefinitely in Pennsylvania. Maybe you could even do a "news break" post with this?

    1. I did not know that! I'll get a News Break up next week with this news. Very surprised to see they would keep just one going. I find that article confusing on many points but I'll bring those up in the News Break. Thanks AbercrombieMike!

  2. Guess what... it was announced Wednesday that the Super Fresh in Marlton is closing. The store was built in 1975 as an A&P, and was one of the chain's last stores with the old circle logo. It also had a wooden facade instead of the metal facade used by most A&Ps (and Acmes) at the time. What's amazing is that this store still has the early 80's Super Fresh logo. Just about 30 years after the store was able to reopen despite CLOSING as an A&P, the store is dying a second death. Not only that, but this store was originally planned to relocate in 1987, but Super Fresh ended up building a new store at that time (which ironically closed in 2000) while keeping the old one open. The 1987 store is now subdivided between TJ Maxx (which opened in another building in the center in the 80's) and a DSW Shoes. Not sure but I think the TJ Maxx half of the ex-Super Fresh may have been a Filene's Basement for a while. The Sears Essentials (Kmart) next to the current Super Fresh closed a few years back, which must have hurt traffic to the Super Fresh. Rumors are that Walmart will demolish this whole shopping center (while kicking out a few small tenants such as Subway and H&R Block) for a Supercenter to replace their store across the street from 1994. The current Walmart still has the 90's star logo, making it one of few "old" Walmarts to not get the newer name/logo from 2008. So those rumors could very well be true.

    Both a Genuardi's and Zagara's, owned by the same company, opened on Route 73 in Marlton in the 90's, as did a Whole Foods. I guess all this led to the death of the 1987 Super Fresh. Between the Genuardi's and the ShopRite in town, it's amazing that the older, smaller Super Fresh survived in town at all. I'm surprised they didn't take the opportunity to build a store where Genuardi's did, to replace both their 1982 and 1987 stores. It's even more odd that the older and smaller of the two was chosen to stay open.

    The Bradlees in Marlton closed in 1996, a few years before the rest of the chain, and Kohl's chose to put a store there instead of where the nearby Clover in Cherry Hill was (even though most Clovers became Kohl's). So the Clover here instead became an Oskar Huber furniture store, which closed in 2008 and was still empty last I checked. Kohl's has been remodeling a lot of stores lately (at least the three here in Delaware County PA), so I wonder if they just might move to the Oskar Huber site. Then Walmart could take the old Kohl's, because we know Walmart replaced a few Bradlees (many of which, like this one, started as Two Guys and then were Jefferson Ward).

  3. in the UFCW flyer they had mentioned that the union was "proposing an unprecedented deal" with acme to keep the glassboro store open...but apparently that must have fell through.