Thursday, October 18, 2012

Updated Disclaimer...

Please be advised that the disclaimer section at the bottom of the blog has been updated. The new disclaimers are here in this post as well. I do reserve the right to make changes to the disclaimer section at any time

This blog is not affiliated with or endorsed by
Acme Markets or its parent company SuperValu Inc.
This is a fan website, documenting the history of Acme Markets.
The owner makes no guarantee of the accuracy and
completeness of the information provided herein.
Changes to content may happen at anytime.
Comments are subject to approval prior to being posted.
©2012 Acme Style Blog unless noted otherwise. 


  1. Supervalu legal beagles on the attack!

    1. Actually no Anonymous. Haven't heard a word from them since day 1. Thanks for your valuable contribution to the blog.