Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Former Acme — Harve De Grace MD

Photos courtesy of Gary A.

Location: 1000 Pulaski Highway, Havre De Grace, MD

Save A Lot has returned to Harve De Grace by making its home in the former Acme. Guess we should be happy the building was kept in the family. Not really. But the good news is... they kept the place intact! Pretty amazing what a couple gallons of paint can do for an old 33M model, don't you think? Below is a picture of the Acme after it closed...

The exterior didn't get much love in all the years that it was open.

The interior did, however, get the awesome 80's remodel! The 2nd to last store in the chain to still have it. The other being Sharon Hill which will be closed by year's end.

This marks the return of Save A Lot to Harve De Grace. The original location, which was over on Congress Avenue in what  may have been a former A&P, closed back in October 2010. This new location opened in April 2012 under new ownership. You can read about the troubles of the old location at HarveDeGrace Patch.com by clicking here. You'll also see a picture of the old store. Perhaps someone can verify it was  a former A&P. A write-up of the new store opening can also be found at HarveDeGracePatch.com by clicking here. Thanks to Gary for all the photos seen in this post and for the links to the articles.

One big change to the exterior has been the relocation of the entrance to the side. The original entrance is no longer used but remains intact with its glass covered over. You can see it if you look closely at the picture of the front of the store. The exit remains in the same spot as it was in the Acme.

The interior has been completely made over from floor to ceiling. Even the lights, which look like they could have been left over from the Acme, are new. You can see the original recessed-style lights in the abandoned Acme photo up above. Here we are just inside the entrance. Note the store signage... same kind of set up as in the latest round of decor for Acme. Banner with department name hanging from the ceiling with product images on either side. SuperValu is keeping a consistent look to their stores. Does anyone know if any "Essential Everyday" products are available at Save A Lot?

Front of the store extends to the right with the office behind the red wall there.

Looking up towards the front of the store with the entrance on the right.

Tops out at 7 aisles, which I believe is more than a typical Save A Lot. The Acme had 12 aisles. Doesn't look like this store is sharing the space with another store. This seems to be confirmed in the photo of the store front in the HarveDeGracePatch article. Click here for a look. Perhaps there wasn't enough room left over to offer up as another store front.

Thanks again to Gary for providing us with pictures of the old Harve De Grace Acme!


  1. Save-A-Lot, at least on their website, doesn't list "Essential Everyday", or "Shopper's Value", "Equaline" and the other SuperValu products sold at Acme, as being sold there.

  2. The old Save A Lot downtown at Market and Congress was a former Centennial A&P store. It's mentioned here in this article, 2nd to last paragraph: http://articles.baltimoresun.com/2011-07-21/explore/ph-re-looking-back-0721-20110721_1_hdg-front-page-news-churchville

  3. Thanks for looking into that MikeRa. I didn't think to go to their site to see if the brands were listed there. Seems like every store SuperValu supplies is carrying Essential Everyday products so I wasn't sure about Sav A Lot

    Thanks Ross for finding that article! I figured that had to be a former A&P but couldn't seem to dig up any proof.

    1. However Save a lot seems to be replaceing some of its private label brand with another brand it created called ''Save a lot Today!''.

    2. Save-a-lot now has "America's Choice" as a brand