Thursday, September 21, 2017

News Break: 

I have honestly been keeping my eyes pealed for news that Alberstons would be offering some sort of meal-kit options in their stores. These relatively new on-line companies like Blue Apron, Home Chef and Hello Fresh, are the latest entities impacting business at traditional supermarkets. Other chains have begun offering meal-kits and I had a feeling Alberstons would be jumping on the band wagon sooner than later. Last night I jumped over to and there it was... Albertsons Acquires Meal-Kit Service Plated

Plated offers delivery of ingredients and recipes for complete meal preparation. The company was founded in 2012 and was later featured on episodes of Shark Tank and Beyond the Tank. I believe Alberstons is the first grocer to acquire a meal-kit company outright. Plated meal-kits are sure to be hitting store shelve in Acme in the very near future. 

Acme wasted no time sharing the news...

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The return of Jewel brand!

Jewel branded milk, eggs and bread are back! Is Acme next? We can only hope. The packaging design is similar to what was used prior to SuperValu replacing banner specific brands with Essential Everyday. The design of the packaging makes it easy for each banner's logo to be popped into the white box. It would be very nice to see "ACME" branded items back on shelves! 

Thanks to Aidan Chism for letting us know! 

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Acme store closing:

Location: 114 S Talbot St, St Michaels, MD

Devastating news here... the classic St. Michaels store will close on October 8, 2017. 


Locaiton: 80 New Bridge Rd, Bergenfield, NJ

Another a acquired store goes bust! Bergenfield will close on November 7, 2017. 

Thanks to D Groton and Supermarket Fan for the news! 

Monday, September 11, 2017

First look at the interior of Front and Snyder!

Photos courtesy of John P

Location: Front and Snyder, Philadelphia, PA 

The mysterious red panel that we saw here a few weeks ago turned out to be nothing interesting. Not to say the front of the store isn't absolutely beautiful!

John reports... "Beer/wine and Starbucks are through the door on the right"

"Looking down frozen at the opposite side and along the front end. A set of registers, followed by self checkouts, then two express registers and customer service. I'm pleased to report that all the registers were open here!"

Friday, September 1, 2017

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"Fall into Savings" Flyer!

Well look what showed up in my mail yesterday! Very classy mailer from Acme!! (Apologies for the terrible pictures). I wonder if this is being used at other banners or if it is an Acme exclusive. The flyer features organic and higher end items. The prices are impressively low! Acme continues to have Talenti gelato on sale for lowest prices you could find anywhere. All of their ice cream prices have been insanely low for nearly two months now. The flyer almost seems to be in response to Amazon slashing prices at Whole Foods but that would be impossible as that news is  just broke a week ago.

One comment about the overall design... whoever chose that font for the "Fall into Savings" logo should never be allowed to touch a computer again. This is a perfect example of why you shouldn't get fonts from sites like 1001 Free Fonts! That "F" is a complete and total disaster.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Welcome to Jersey City's...



A&P had FOUR "Express Yourself" self-checouts available morning, noon and night. Acme has two express registers and flat out REFUSES to operate either register. There were only two regular registers operating with lines of visibly frustrated shoppers. NO ONE in Customer Service. This is the same exact scene I experienced about a month ago. In fact, there are NEVER any express registers open when I am in this store.

As I've mentioned before, I have shopped regularly at this location since the early 2000's. In all the years that it was a drab former Waldbaums/A&P then beautifully remodeled to an A&P Fresh, never once was it so poorly managed as it consistently by Acme.

Not wanting to put down the two items I had and walk out, as I often do when I encounter these front-end-disasters, I tracked down a long-time employee to ask some questions about the chronic issues at this store. The employee was very nice and offered several times to go up front and ring me up. I wouldn't take her offer as she was busy doing other things and is not normally a cashier. I specifically brought up the self-checktouts and how A&P always had four available and Acme only ever has two to three registers open. She said Acme is exploring the possibility of bringing the self-checkouts back! Corporate has already been to this location to review the situation and the store is waiting to hear what changes will be made. So that's something. I just can't wrap my head around the fact that Acme spent a fortune acquiring A&P and they refuse to spend any money on cashiers.

When I finally got checked out by someone in Customer Service, I asked yet again, why there are never any express registers open here. I was basically told their labor hours were cut so no more cashiers. Well that's gotta be good for business. The employee then said "Everyone shops at ShopRite anyway" to which I said "yeah, 'cause no one can get checked out at Acme".

Just in case you think I overreact a bit to the horrendous customer service I experience at far too many Acmes, let's have a look at some of the yelp reviews for this very location to see how others feel about it...

Vincent B: "Place was packed and only 2 lanes had cashiers. No self checkout anymore. Just awful."

Ariel J: "How do they not have an express check out?! I came in for 1 item and waited on line for a good 15 minutes before my turn was up. Ugh."

Hank C. : "No self-checkout? Guess they want to be slower?"

Willima C. : "At what point do you say it's time to have more cashiers working when lines are as long as Six Flags? I don't think I've ever seen more than 3 lanes open ever at this place. Only come here if you absolutely need to."

Christy W: "...and only two cashiers which create long lines."

Paul K: "There are never carts available, they have very few cashiers working (long lines to check out), and they're crowding the aisles with crap making it hard to maneuver around the store when it's busy"

Liz T: "Prices are fine, produce seems ok, meat is ok, but why on earth would there only be three registers open at 5:30pm on Sunday? Have the owners never been to a grocery store before?"

Arielle B: "Waiting on the check out line for an hour+ is unacceptable and telling a customer "no one wants to worry so uh sorry..." is not appreciated. I will not be back."

Cody S: "Sometimes only ONE check out line is open & there are 6 carts in line before somebody complains & they finally open up something."

Dan P: "The lines are horrific especially for a Sunday only had 3 lines open! I loved the a and p that was here. Looks like I'm back to shop rite which is the lesser of three evils. Never coming back here again!"

Moinca R: "The return of self-checkout lanes would do a lot to change my review to 3 stars." (Up from two stars)

Same here, Monica! It's pretty sad to see Acme completely blowing their comeback, which did not come with a cheap price tag. I keep shopping at their stores simply because I love Acme but I'm sure other shoppers are going elsewhere since the service is so terrible. Earlier in the week I popped in the Weehawken store to buy PowerBall tickets. I was going to grab a few items... until I saw the lines. Five registers were open but that still was not enough to handle the amount of shoppers waiting to check out. To make it worse, the evening manager was standing at Customer Service without a care in the world. I got my ticket and left. Funny thing... as I was walking out, I passed two customers who had entered the store. One looked across the front-end and said to the other "Oh my God, look at the lines". I turned and said "There's always a long line at Acme!"

Thursday, August 24, 2017

What the heck?

Saw this on an Acme shopping cart this past weekend. Just found one but I only had a few seconds to look around. I'm assuming the store received the sign(s) by accident and it never should have made its way to a cart. "it's just better" in blue is used in Alberstons stores while a red version of the signage is used by Safeway

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Former Acme – Paulsboro, New Jersey

Photos courtesy of Erica R

Location: 545 W Broad St, Paulsboro, NJ


This former Acme has been stuck in a time warp since opening in October 1968. Acme didn't change a thing all the decades that it operated the store and absolutely nothing has been done to the property since it closed down in the mid 90's. The store has finally been reborn as a Sav a lot. The long awaited opening day was July 26. Erica will be taking us on a tour of the interior so we can see all of the changes that have been made to the building...

The pitched-roof is still fully intact!




For additional coverage of the former Paulsboro Acme, please click here.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Update on Front and Snyder!

Location: Front and Snyder, Philadelphia, PA

The sign is up! Wonder if there will be another one along the front. It would be cool if the letters  were free-standing along the awning like they were on some 50's and 60's stores. That red rectangle is a bit of a mystery. Looks like something is being covered over. Perhaps a Pharmacy sign. According to a comment left on the precious post for this store, employees who have been training at 10th and Reed report this location today!