Friday, April 20, 2018

Acme – Elkton, Maryland

Photos courtesy of Jacob V. 

Location: 101 Big Elk Mall, Elkton, MD

Acme Elkton MD
Some additional photos from Will flickr collection

The 6th and final Maryland Acme has arrived on Acme Style! Additional former Acmes of Maryland may find their way to the blog but this is the last of the currently operating stores.

The Elkton Acme opened as a 33M back in the 70's having replaced a smaller store in town. A major expansion and renovation happened in the 90's to the left side of the store erasing all of its 33M attributes. The two pyramid structures along the front were a design feature rolled out in the early 90's and were often added to expanded stores.

Acme Elkton MD
The Produce windows, a standard feature at newly built 90s stores, were included along with the expansion on this side of the store. 

Inside we find the Premium Fresh & Health version 2 package, a tanner, stripped down/cheaper version of PF&H v1.

The flooring from the 90's Red/White/Blue d├ęcor remains in place. 

Acme Elkton MD
Elkton used to be a high volume store but has been crushed by competition in the area. Walmart relocated to a SuperCenter and Redner's built a new store about a mile away. 

Light-up Pharmacy sign not seen in many Acmes. Definitely eye catching! 

Looks like this store has a walk-on floral cooler which were common features in newly built 90's stores.

Self-checkouts replaced with the dreaded express register counter. This change undoubtedly looked great on paper but in reality it's a total dud as stores rarely has any of these registers manned. I've been in Acmes that have completely given up on this newly added feature by never having any of the registers open.



The view here clearly shows the addition to the left side of the store.

Still a classic 33M!



Location: 134-38 Railroad Avenue, Elkton, Maryland
Opened 11.20.1957

The former Acme along with the A&P have since been torn down to make way for parking lots. 

Acme Elkton MD

Thursday, April 19, 2018

News Break: 

Same store sales are up company wide but of course there is no word on how Acme is fairing these days.You can read all of the details at The article also includes some interesting plans for the company's merger with Rite Aid.


Guess they're taking their time to get it right but it seems like the rollout could not be going more slowly. Meanwhile competing chains already have meal kits available... ShopRite began offering them last month. Albertsons currently offers their Plated meal kits in only a handful of stores with a larger rollout happening by year's end. Still, the company is saying only "select" stores will be carrying them in the coming months. You can read more about Albertsons plans at


I was shocked to see this brand change at ShopRite. The company is ditching its own brand of health and beauty aid products for the Top Care brand which is already available at other Northeast chains like Foodtown, Weis, Tops, Wegmans and Price Chopper. This marks the absolute end of private labels HABA in New Jersey supermarkets with Acme having Signature Care and Shop and Shop carrying CareOne. I find it to be strange move as the ShopRite brand is among the strongest in supermarket world. Why would they want to carry an in-house brand that's available others chains in their market?


A&P Futurestore, Wayne, NJ

The exterior of the building has been extensively renovated since A&P closed. Wayne Natural Food Markets was supposed to take over the space last year but wound up defaulting on their lease. Now word has come that Whole Foods is set to take over the space. You can read more about it on

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Collegeville Acme now a KImberton Foods!

Photos courtesy of

Location: 222 Main Street, Collecgville PA

The long abandoned Collegeville Acme has finally returned to life as a Kimberton Whole Foods store. The photos above from the company's website show some great views of the renovated space. This is Kimberton's largest store to date. You can read more details about the store by clicking here.

The photo above is from Acme Style's coverage of the abandoned Collegeville store which you can visit here. The left side of the Acme is apparently still empty and in need of a tenant.

Thanks to "Michael from PA" for sending in the news!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Signature brands get simplified...


Time for another update on the evolution of Albertsons'/former Safeway brands. (A new store post will be coming this Friday.) Part 3 reveals the demise of Bright Green, which I figured was coming when the Open Nature brand was extended to non-food products. So far, glass cleaner and toilet paper were to only two items I could find in household. Most Bright Green items are currently on sale to help move the old packaging off shelves.

Albertsons is planning to introduce 240 new Open Nature products this year. You can read more about the growing private label at

More evidence that the Signature Home branding is on its way out as well. Food storage bags are currently being changed over to Signature Select.

The Signature Cafe logo has been updated to resemble a tag on the package similar to the Signature Select logo.

Bread is now trading Signature Kitchens for the new Signature Select branding.

Signature Select ice cream is slowly being switched over to all new packaging. This is one product line that might not be changing for the better. The swirling candy and nut pieces on the older containers is definitely eye catching! The new design bowers heavily rom Breyers by going with black packaging.

Great new packaging for pasta! Albertsons has even gone a step further by having their pasta certified non-GMO.

And finally... Seltzer water officially looses the refreshe branding! Have to say, adding fruit images to the label will certainly help with choosing the correct variety. I have often grabbed the lime flavor thinking it was plain. While I like the abstract design of the "before" bottles, it's not very practical for a fast moving shopper.

Friday, April 6, 2018

Exterior renovations underway at...


Location: 507 Prospect Ave, Little Silver, NJ

Quick post today showing some changes happening to the Little Silver and Fair Haven stores. So far, changes are happening just to the exterior of the Little Silver store. The landlord is renovating the whole strip mall with the Acme coincidently taking on a similar look to other upgrade Jersey Shore stores. For a rendering of the finished project, please click here. Could an interior remodel be far behind? Probably not. I think one would have been started by now to assure its completion for the summer season. 

"Before" photo courtesy of dougbalt

Location: 576 River Rd, Fair Haven, NJ

The strip mall where the Fair Haven store is located is being renovated as well. The work has not yet extended to the Acme. Our contributor will keep an eye on the situation to see what develops.