Monday, February 8, 2016



Not sure how long these have been around but I saw them for the first time this weekend. Saturday I passed by three on the New Jersey Turnpike. Up until then I had just been seeing the old silver trailers with the red oval logo, which has been pretty surprising since SuperValu had removed the Acme logos from as many trailers as they possibly could. I wasn't able to snap a picture while I was driving so I made a stop at the Lincroft store and look what I found! Couldn't get a shot of the trailer door here but I did get a view of them out on the road. The doors now display the "Acme loves Local" logo. Great seeing updated Acme trucks roaming the highways in North Jersey!

Side note: Lincroft has all new lighting throughout, which I was not a bit surprised to see. What was surprising was the light fixtures themselves. Completely different from anything else I've seen at other stores. Pictures will be coming in the next week or two.

Sunday, February 7, 2016



Location: 152 Route 94, Blairstown, NJ 07825

Well this didn't take long at all... Blairstown has received the Premium Fresh and Healthy Version 3.0 department signage and aisle markers! Elements of the Quality Built package have also been added including local landmark photos on the walls and checkout stand lights. I suspect the refresh was in progress when Tim first took pictures of the store but it was hard to know for sure since the colors used on the wall weren't typical for any of the Acme remodel packages. Let's have a look...

Color pictures here instead of the more often seen black and white photos.

Acme seems to have ditched the product imagery that used to be paired up with the department signs. I have another store coming to the blog soon that has been given the PF&Hv3 package but without any product images. Perhaps they ditched it since they're going pretty heavy with the Acme loves local signage.

As much as I would love to see SuperValu remodel packages sent out to pasture, I do love the big and bold aisle markers. Also have to say, I am a fan of the 3-sided signs and was sorry to see Acme ditch this format for the Quality Built aisle markers. And as I said in the original Blairstown post, these signs tie in very nicely with the A&P black and white flooring.

Kinda of a bland gray color for the meat wall. The letters do pop better here than on the burgundy color that is usually used for the Meat Department. 

Have to say, not the best match for the rest of the décor.

I think Acme should have stuck with the checkout stand lights from the PF&H package and just added the Acme logo to them. These were pretty sharp looking in person and matched nicely with the aisle markers.

Well there you have it... the new P's and Q's décor package! Get it? Seems the perfect name for the A&P converted stores. I image we'll start seeing this play out in other locations very soon.

You can visit the original Blairstown post by clicking here.

Thanks to Tim for getting us updated photos for the Blairstown store so quickly!

Saturday, February 6, 2016



While this isn't the exact commercial that just aired on ABC 7, it did contain some of the same product shots and employees from this video. The commercial was pretty typical... a female voiceover listing the services and freshness offered by Acme Markets followed by a few weekly specials. Overall, it was very slick and well produced. Visually more impressive than ShopRite or Stop and Shop commercials. Acme... welcome back to the New York City airwaves! It's been a long time.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Store Count...

The following Acme location has opened:

Former Genuardi's at 12 West Bay Avenue, Barnegat, NJ

Acme – Blairstown, New Jersey

Location: 152 Route 94, Blairstown, NJ 07825

Opened: October 30, 2015


Not sure what happened here. Looks like a remodel may have started but wound up not going anywhere. Most of the colors painted on the walls is from A&P's "fresh" version 2 remodel but some are not. What's so strange is there is absolutely no signage or artwork to be found in this store. A mystery indeed. Acme could easily hang the department signs from round 3 of the Premium Fresh & Healthy remodel and call it a day. The aisle markers from that package would tie in nicely with the black and white floors here. Hopefully Tim can keep us posted if any changes are made in the near future. Acme hasn't even updated the lighting in Produce at this point. 

Busy Bakery!

Nothin' on the walls...

The Dietz and Watson sign has been removed from the A&P's and Pathmarks in my area but remains here.

The old school frozen food department still looks really good.

Doesn't even look like this store has a "Thank You for Shopping..." along the front-end.

Some of the register lights have been switched around with printouts of new numbers taped over the original numbers.

Times for Acme to put up some department signage!


The Blairstown Acme is in the middle of no where with no competition nearby. The original A&P is located about a mile east of the replacement store.

This A&P was built sometime after 1971 according to the historic images, seen here while it was it was abandoned. Tractor Supply Co. has since made the building its home. Click here for a look of the updated store.

Looks like this store remained an A&P Food Market until the end.



Couldn't get a full shot of the area in 1997 but we do see the A&P on the left side. 


Thanks to Tim for sharing his photos!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Check out this brand-new Safeway!

Photos courtesy of Michael Hale's flickr collection

Location: 1800 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD

While I was setting up the photo credits for the Norristown post, I discovered that I wasn't following Michael on flickr. Fixed the situation right away and began looking through his photos to see what goodies I could find. Just a few clicks later I hit the jackpot... the Safeway in Rockville! A brand-new store with a never-seen-before décor package. But as I kept looking through the pictures, I began to realize I HAD seen it before. The Rockville Safeway has scaled down version of the stunningly beautiful décor package seen in the Chestnut Hill Star Market which opened about 5 years ago. We'll have a look at the pictures below but before proceeding with this post, I recommend jumping over to the Retail Design Blog for a look at the deluxe version of this décor package by clicking here

Pretty great, right? I included a link to those pictures in a Bonus Store post back in 2011 while covering an abandoned Star Market. You can visit that post by cliking here. I've been a little obsessed with those photos since the day I first discovered them. Has to be among the most beautifully designed interiors I've seen in a supermarket. (The photos are a little jazzed up in Photoshop which makes the store appear even cooler.) Back then, I wondered if a simplified version could possibly make its way to Acme someday. That didn't happen but it looks like it's happening to Safeway! Not entirely sure why as the design is from SuperValu and is several years old now. In fact, according to the Retail Design Blog it was designed BY SuperValu. I've had trouble confirming that fact as most supermarket companies hire outside design firm to create their interiors. Regardless, it seems strange that a new Safeway would wind up with an old SuperValu décor package. Let's have a look at the pictures...

Quick look at the entrance. Like the Chestnut Hill Star Market, this store is located on the second floor.

Same font for the department signage, now in white! A font that I personally love. Acme is using a similar font on some store signage and in their circulars.

Fresh Deli doesn't have any descriptive words mounted to the light boxes like the other departments. These light boxes are designed similarly to the ones at the Star Market but are limited to being just under the department sign.

Love the colors being used in this store!

We'll have to keep our eyes pealed to see if this package starts popping up anywhere else. I can't imagine we'll be seeing it in other Safeway stores anytime soon since they're all sporting relatively new remodels.

Thanks to Michael for sharing these photos!