Thursday, January 29, 2015

News Break: 
FTC Approves Albertsons/Safeway Merger

The approval was finally announced yesterday. The deal will be done in just a few days. Time will tell what changes will be coming to Acme in the coming months and years. I'm guessing one eventual casualty will be the "Essential Everyday" brand. Hoping for more investment in stores. While improvements are currently being made at numerous locations, much needed full-scale remodels are few and far between. You can read more about the FTC approval at Progressive Grocer by clicking here.

Media Acme "Grand Reopening"?

Turns out it wasn't so grand. The store was not completely remodeled. Apparently the biggest change was the removal of the first grocery aisle to expand the Produce department. Other areas were rearranged but the store kept the Industrial Circus decor. You can see a few pictures on Delaware County New Network by clicking here. More details of the changes to the store can be found on Delaware County Daily Times by clicking here. Too bad they didn't spring for the "Quality Built" decor for this store. Media can be seen on the blog by clicking here

Chestertown Acme to Reopen in February! 

Acme reported on its Facebook page that the expanded and remodeled Chestertown, MD store is scheduled to reopen next month. A customer had left a message on their page complaining about the lack of heat in the store. Apparently there was none whatsoever. The customer felt particularly bad for the employees. Acme assured them the store will be completed very soon. I hope to get down there in the Spring to cover the store for the blog. 

Former Rockaway Acme
to become Nordstrom Rack 

In case you missed the numerous comments left on the blog, the abandoned Acme in Rockaway will become a Nordstrom Rack in the Fall. You can read about it on by clicking here. I continue to be surprised that neither Whole Foods or Trader Joe's are interested in opening in the shopping center. Trader Joe's has been eyeing a location in Randolph but that has apparently fallen through. Whole Foods is planning a store in Parsippany but the zoning issues may keep the store from being built.

Acme Sued For "Fresh Baked" Claim

And they're not alone. Whole Foods and Wegmans have been named in the lawsuit as well. The issue is "fresh baked" apparently leads customers to believe that the bakerd goods are made from scratch at the store when in fact they're delivered frozen and rebaked. I can't imagine many people believe that bakery products are made from scratch in these stores. It's not like you see bakery employees covered in flour from head to tow like you do at a real bakery. Looks like it will be up to a court to decide. You can read more about the lawsuit at by clicking here.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Ocean City Acme...

Is Getting Better!

 Location: 3428 Simpson Avenue, Ocean City, NJ

The Ocean City Acme is currently undergoing what appears to be a major remodel. The portion of the store that houses all of the service departments is completely blocked off from customers. The store is now back to operating in the original pitched-roof building only, with no service departments available. As you can see here, the produce cases have been moved into the grocery aisles.

The section that is now blocked off was added back in the early 2000's. At the time, the store was given the Albertsons Marketplace package. Since then it has been given Premium Fresh & Healthy upgrades throughout, including the dreaded leaf on the walls. The interior became a mix of the two packages as you can see in the original post by clicking here. As far as Acmes go, this one is nicely updated and doesn't seem to be in need of a remodel as much as some other stores. This is a widely successful store during the summer months and Acme obviously sees a big opportunity to increase sales by improving the store. Looks like the rumors from a few years ago of this store closing to make way for a Wawa were completely bogus.

Lots of storage containers in the parking lot. Big things are happening at the Ocean City store! Acme Style will be visiting full coverage of the remodel. Thanks to our roving Acme Style contributor for getting us these pictures!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Links to Classic NJ Supermarkets! has an incredible slideshow with photos of old supermarkets in New Jersey. A couple of Acmes are in the mix, but for me, the classic A&Ps really steal the show. There is also some photos of Grand Unions which are a real treat since there aren't a whole lot to find on the rest of the internet. The slideshow has been mentioned in the comments section of the January Discussions post but I'm just now giving it its own post so no one misses out. To view the slideshow, please click here (the photo above is just a screen grab). And believe it or not, they have a another slideshow of vintage supermarkets, which you can view by clicking here. Not quite as interesting as the first but pretty good nonetheless. Enjoy!

Saturday, January 24, 2015



Location: 71 Taylor Ave, Manasquan, NJ

Who is this guy and why haven't the police been called? Where is the fish-eye sign? In the dumpster? I'm on my way to Manasquan!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Acme – Paoli, Pennsylvania


Location: 39 Leopard Road, Paoli, PA

Time to take a break from the closings over the past few months and visit one of Acme's most deluxe locations! The 90's store you see here was a replacement for a store that dates back to 1954. The 50's model is in the same shopping center. We'll have a look at it down below. From what I can gather, this is a very late 90's store. All clues inside have it starting with the Chalkboard Market decor package and not the Red/White/Blue package. The interior has similarities to the Jenkintown store which was the very first store to have the Chalkboard Market decor. It also has a similar layout to the Lincroft store which still has the CM decor.  The Paoli Acme has since been given the sdeluxe Premium Fresh and Healthy remodel.

A relatively small sign for the front which appears to be original. For a size reference, check out the more commonly seen sign on the Somers Point store by clicking here. Sav-on looks to have never joined "ACME" at this location. A small version of the sign is over the right-side entrance of the store.

The building has some nice design touches that we're not used to seeing on these 90's models. The beige blocks help break up the red brick and the arched windows have added panes that I don't believe we've seen at another store. These windows are seen throughout the shopping center but with white panes instead of black.

A view of the window from inside the vestibule.

The entrance is configured differently than in a typical 90's store.

You won't see hardly a shopper in here. I was here first thing in the morning. So early in fact, the Pharmacy wasn't even open.

So we have the first versions of the PF&H decor here. Looks especially good with the ceiling being dark green, which I'm positive is a leftover from the Chalkboard Market decor. No grass along the cases.

A look along the left wall where the Salad Bar and Cheese Shop are located.

The department signs look great with the green background. I took tons of pictures of the interior so be prepared for an extensive tour. This isn't one of my favorite decor packages for Acme but it looks fantastic in this store. Certainly one of the best PF&H remodels.

A look at the Bakery which is located just right across from the entrance.

Nice upgrade with the baked goods displays. This is very similar to how Wegmans has been serving their donuts and pastries for years. Giant is doing something similar in their remodels as well. This is the only Acme I've seen this type of display in.

The Deli is just passed the Bakery...

A la Carte station to the rear. The Butcher Block is a little further back.

Pleasant seating area next to the Deli. One of the nicest I've seen. There was no expense sparred for Paoli's remodel.

Self-serve coffee to the left. The days of Starbucks in Acme are long gone now. Have to say, I've had the Buck County Coffee that Acme serves now and it's pretty good!

We've come around the corner to aisle 1. One thing still not upgraded... the Wild Harvest signage. Still looks good just doesn't match the new packaging.

I believe the "getting better" campaign is winding down. These photos were taken last May. Not sure if stores still have the signs up. The circulars new "fresh start, fresh savings" messaging.

New flooring throughout. Most PF&H remodels weren't so lucky.

It's funny, while I was walking around this store I just kept thinking... this is HOW every Acme should be! Insanely clean and well stocked. The store is very streamlined too. Not a lot of junky displays all over the place. The overall atmosphere is spectacular as far as supermarkets go.

The back corner and heading down the dairy aisle along the right side of the store...

Yep, it's early.

Some views of the front-end...

Heading out of the Pharmacy side. You can see the Sav-on sign on the awning.


Funny thing is, you can't get a good look at the front of the store on bing so we only have the sides and back.




It's certainly helpful that more satellite imagery is popping up from the 90's. Just wish it wasn't so crappy.


A look at the Paoli Shopping Center with the original Acme located in the upper left-hand corner. The building has evolved numerous times over the decades.

Location: 82 East Lancaster Avenue, Paoli, PA 

Acme opened here on August 8, 1954. I believe the original Acme building is the center of this structure with additions happening to both sides. When I was here visiting, I thought the Acme was the right side of this building which is why you won't be seeing any photos of the left side. Doesn't matter terribly since there are absolutely no Acme clues remaining along the front or the sides.

Back in the 90's I used to drive by here occasionally. For some reason I never once stopped in. I would always think "I'll pop in next time". Before I knew it,  it was too late 'cause the store was gone. I was pretty mad at myself especially since the store had the Checkerboard Arch decor which you could easily see when passing by. Never noticed the replacement store as it can't be seen from the main road. Since starting Acme Style, I've hoping to track this place down. All those years later I couldn't remember exactly where this Acme was located. And as you can see here, you'd never guess it was an Acme with the way it looks today. It was only about a year ago that I pieced things together and realized THIS was that old Acme I used to drive by!

Notice the arched windows match the ones at the Acme.

Nothin' to see here. Everything's been redone.

Not even sure if this portion was ever part of the Acme. It may have been added after Acme left.

Tough figuring out anything along the back. We'll get some better clues from the historic aerial images.


The 50's Acme is in the center of the building you see here. The sides grew over the the years. They'll drop off as we head back in time down below.

Again... no front view available on bing.




Comparing this image with the one from 1999, it appears that the left side was expanded twice. I'm not sure if the section to the right was ever part of the Acme or if it was always separate stores.

Look at the crowds in '67!

This is as close of a look as we'll have of the original building. I would guess that the section on the right side is an addition but for the Acme or something else?


Acmes just don't get much nicer than the one here in Paoli!