Thursday, January 22, 2009

Acme Super Saver!

Here's a rare find... a picture of an Acme Super Saver. This image comes to us courtesy of Wyomming Valley Photo Blog... an extensive site of pictures and history of stores in the Wyomming area of Pennsylvania. Please check the Acme Style directory for a link to the site.

Location: 401 Kennedy Blvd, Pittston PA

This store was located in Pittston Pennsylvania. It started out as a pitched-roof Acme and was converted to a Super Saver in the 70's. The awning was added at this time and disguises the pitched roof. I was able to get an image of the rear of the store on google map's street view. (See below) This store remained a Super Saver well into the 80's. You can see proof of this on the "Low Prices" banner which has the updated Acme logos of the mid '80s.

The back of the store.

Here it is after an update which probably occurred in the mid to late 90's.

Most likely closing in the late 90's to early 2000's.

Insalaco's taking over.

January 2006

Bruno's with a fresh coat of paint.

Bruno's closes in 2008

Quinn's opens in late 2008. Here's the amazing part of the story... according to Wyomming Valley Photos, the interior pitched-roof is still intact to this day! A drop ceiling has not been added after all of this time. I wonder how many other Acmes have gone through so many transformations and still have the pitched-roof intact.

Thanks again to Wyomming Valley Photos for the images and for this history of this store!


  1. my dad owned Brunos I miss it. WE all live in California today

  2. Ahhhh. The good old Pittston Acme.
    FYI, the store number for this Luzerne County Acme was 5679. It and was serviced with deliveries from Distribution Center #5, 180 Wells Street, Forty Fort PA. DC #5 supplied all perishables and groceries to all the Wyoming Valley Acme's. DC #5 also supplied frozen foods in earlier days.

  3. The super saver picture was from 1984 or later from the design of the shopping carts. (tote-cart co)

  4. Anon1 Actually the Super Saver Pic if im not mistaken was from 1990 or later as the banner not only had the Red Oval logo but also the 100th anniversary (1891-1991) logo on it. so some Acmes used the Saver name, though retired in the Philly market in 1986, into the early 90s. Ps. I remember shopping with the yellow carts at Acmes into the mid 90s.

  5. hi all me barry evans yes i worked at the pittston store floor cleaner best one around i do miss it but moved up too bigger/better things back in the 90's.